Pink Full Moon Charm Box

Pink Full Moon Charm Box

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This month's Charm Box includes supplies to complete 3 different magic rituals! Shipped before the pink full moon on 4/26/2021.

Palo Santo is used to bring positive energy into your space. It's known to aid with pain, inflammation & stress. First, set intentions in your mind to remove negativity from your space. Then light the palo santo* for 30 seconds before blowing it out. Allow the smoke to fill your space with positivity. 

The Crystal Charm Bag includes 6 crystals &/or stones that can be drawn from the bag whenever you have a question. Ask your question out loud, spin the bag 3 times, then draw one crystal for an answer. Crystal descriptions included.

The Release Fear Ritual can be completed with the candle, notepad & pen provided. Light the candle* with intentions to release fear. Write down all your doubts, fears or anything holding you back, then rip the pages to pieces. Once your candle burns out the ritual is complete.

Afterwards, relax, reflect & renew yourself with a handpicked bath bomb, rose massage oil & more!
Handmade with Love & a Sprinkle Magic
*please use caution when handling fire


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